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My show: “Baggy Point” at Edinburgh 2019

Passionate about inclusivity in sport, I’ve been using comedy to shine a light on issues of homophobia within sporting world. This year, I used my first hour of stand up at Edinburgh to raise money for Football v Homophobia. Watch the full show here. Below you can see some feedback.


“Very high energy, well-written material that a lot of effort has clearly been put into”

– The Stand, Edinburgh

Featured in “Top 10 Must See LGBT Acts of the Fringe 2019”

– The EFC

“Extremely likeable”

– The Stand, Newcastle

“We just want to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU to @posephjarsons who donated money from his stand up shows this summer to Football v Homophobia. Joe you are an FvH Hero.”

Football v Homophobia (Twitter)

“Some of this was more important for me to hear than I actually know how to put into words. Thank you”

Charlie (Twitter)

“Went to see @posephjarsons on a whim and it turned out to be one of the best we saw”

James (Twitter)

“Very much pointing everyone a the #EdFringe in the direction of @posephjarsons ‘s Baggy point during its short run. Some real food for thought among the laughs and cringes”

Harry (Twitter)

Racing Pride Documentary

The first project in the pipeline is a light-hearted documentary series about homophobia in motorsport. I’ve been working on a pitch with Sky Sports affiliated Racing Pride; a movement created to rid motorsport of homophobia and boost visibility of inclusivity within the sport. We’re currently in the process of putting together a small pilot and a pitch for production companies.


F1 Podcast for Sky Sports

Through working alongside some pride sports organisations, I’ve been given the opportunity to pitch a podcast about Formula One to Sky Sports in which I’m in the process of putting together a pilot. The podcast will be a light hearted in depth analysis of each F1 race and the news around the sport. It will be inspired by podcasts such as the Football Ramble.



I am always working on script ideas. Most recently, I have worked with a script editor on a HBO series for my show ‘LUKE’, a comedy-thriller that tells the story of a young journalist who’s life is being put in danger by an unknown identity. This is being developed to be pitched to production companies in 2020.


The Next Edinburgh Show

I’m looking to debut at Edinburgh 2020. The show will look in depth at homophobia in sport with more focus than my last hour Baggy Point. I want to champion the LGBTQ+ heroes in sport and shine a light on the issues of inequality. I will explore my own issues with my sexuality and how different my life could have been if I had an LGBTQ+ sporting hero.




Series 2 of Billy Joe Mates

I produce and present a podcast called ‘Billy Joe Mates’ which takes comedians back to school to resit a subject of their choosing. Series One had Sunil Patel, Helen Bauer, Huge Davies, Jacob Hawley, Esther Manito and Lew Fitz revisit their school years and Series 2 will host Alasdair Beckett King, Kelly Convey, Jon Long, Micky Overman, Patrick Spicer and Sam Lake.


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