About Joseph Parsons

Stand-up comedian, writer and presenter


With his high energy delivery, natural comic ability and overall friendly vibe is an up and coming comedian touring the pro circuit across the country.


After a sell out Edinburgh show ‘Baggy Point’, he is now performing the hour long version across the country. This deeply personal show has had audiences in stitches and tears. The show has raised money for ‘Football v Homophobia’; an organisation that aims to rid the world of sport from homophobia. Next year, he will be debuting a new hour at the Edinburgh Fringe called “Lingo” in 2020. This show will be an immersive deconstruction of national identity, culture and language.
Joseph also co-hosts the podcast Billy Joe Mates with his friend and comedian Joseph Emslie. The show takes comedians back to school to resit a subject of their choosing. The show is unapologetically a rambling walk down memory lane with a silly quiz.
In 2019, Joseph entered talks with an organisation called ‘Racing Pride’ who aim to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ people in motorsport. They are now working together to create a documentary.


Venue Reviews and Lists


“Very high energy, well-written material that a lot of effort has clearly been put into”

– The Stand, Edinburgh


Featured in “Top 10 Must See LGBT Acts of the Fringe 2019”

– The EFC


“Extremely likeable”

– The Stand, Newcastle


Audience Reviews


“Went to see @posephjarsons at the fringe on a whim and turned out to be one of the best we saw!”

– James Barnes on Twitter (@JABarnes95)


“An amazing day at Edinburgh Fringe watching comedy yesterday. Highlight was the incredible @posephjarsons! His comedy was on point and genuinely relatable.”

– Ash Walmsley on Twitter (@AshFoo)


“Very much pointing everyone at #edfringe in the direction of @posephjarsons’s Baggy Point during its short run. Some real food for thought among the laughs and cringes”

– Harry McCarthy on Twitter (@harrymccarthy)


“Hilariously funny! What appeals to audiences is relatability and there was a lot to relate to for everyone in his stories. Great audience engagement! Worth seeing.”

– Liselotte – EdFringe Website (2018)


“I absolutely loved it, kept me laughing until my face hurt. It ended with a lovely and inspiring story. Definitely worth seeing.”

– Natalia on the EdFringe Website (2018)


“Loved seeing his Edinburgh Fringe show, I could relate, not to mention it was hilarious.”

– Jay Gardner on the Facebook